“How did we get here? Let me walk you through…

Since the past many years, I have been through a lot of experiences that shaped up my personal and professional journey. Out of everything I have witnessed so far, the biggest lesson my life has taught me is the fact that there is a visible difference between having a dream and finding the right ways to pursue that dream.

During my early days as a student, I had all the right and wrong guidance from a lot of people whom I entrusted my valuable time and hard-earned money with. Guess what, I did somehow recover the financial losses but the time lost was gone.. forever! And I have always labeled that time as ‘bad years’ of my life. However, I still managed to complete my studies abroad and return to my homeland to serve my people – the way I had it planned since the very beginning.

At EduPride Consulting, we minus those ‘bad years’ from our prospect’s life and give them the counselling that they need instead of what we want to give to them. That is primarily how we have managed to achieve success so far and continue to do so in future as well.”

Basit Ahmed,
CEO – EduPride Consulting

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